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Student Gifts

Perfect gifts for students from homeware to partying.

Students are well known for their partying so the Hangover Kit is a definite must have. Students, however, are not known for their cooking skills, but even they'll can't go wrong with our Hot Dog Toaster or for sweet Marshmallow Fluff is a must. Bring some fun to your digs with the awesome Smartphone Projector whilst introducing a bit of greenery with the Indoor Allotment. Soon their student digs will be up and running!

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Smartphone Magnifier
Smartphone Magnifier £16.99 £ 22.95
Laundry Punch Bag
Laundry Punch Bag £19.99 £ 25.00
My Cat Is Cool As F*ck Ladies Socks
Flamingo String Lights
SunSafe £7.99
Alohomora Doormat
Alohomora Doormat £11.99 £ 19.99
Jelly Baby Lamp - Pink
Jelly Baby Lamp - Pink £12.99 £ 15.00
Skull Shot Glasses x 4
Skull Shot Glasses x 4 £7.99 £ 14.00
Emoji Cheeky Mug
I Am Your Father Mug
The Self Esteem Colouring Book
Petrol Pump Beverage Dispenser
Burger And Chips Salt And Pepper Set
Personalised Hello Kitty Unicorn Mug
Ryan Gosling Tea Towel
Flamingo Neon Lamp
Flamingo Neon Lamp £34.95 £ 51.65
Personalised Vodka & Red Bull Gift Set
Personalised Flamingo Mug
Inflatable Palm Tree Drinks Cooler
Glass Recipe Cocktail Shaker
Glass Recipe Cocktail Shaker £15.99 £ 20.00
Zombie Candle
Zombie Candle £9.99
Personalised Gin
Unicorn Chocolate Pizza 7"
Unicorn Chocolate Pizza 7" £10.99 £ 12.99
Prosecco String Lights
Fiesta Flamingo Light
Fiesta Flamingo Light £24.99 £ 35.00
Unicorn Doormat
Unicorn Doormat £11.99 £ 19.99
Light Up Peg Board
Light Up Peg Board £22.99 £ 29.99
Gin O'Clock Doormat
Gin O'Clock Doormat £11.99 £ 19.99
Bullet Thermos Flask
Bullet Thermos Flask £12.99 £ 14.99
Personalised Mojito Glass
Personalised Mojito Glass £11.99 £ 12.99
Vegas Nights 3 In 1 Gaming Table
Personalised Selfie Mug
Laser Sphere Projector
Laser Sphere Projector £27.99 £ 34.99