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If It Were Christmas Every Day

We wish it could be Christmas everyday!

Glam Rockers Wizzard sang the immortal words I wish it could be Christmas everyday in 1973 and now, over 40 years later, festive revellers sing along with much merriment. But do we REALLY wish it could be Christmas every day? What would buying all these Christmas Gifts do to our pockets? And what about our waistlines? Prezzybox researcher Amanda has done the maths and we have to say the results are pretty epic...

Turkeys and Christmas Cake

Turkeys would become extinct the day after boxing day as would need 10 million a day and currently only 22 million are produced a year. The total number of turkeys needed would fill Trafalgar square 301,652 times!

The cost would rise to 795 for an average turkey, 3% of the average wage.

Turkey farm workers would always be working on Christmas day so their wages would double to around 13 an hour. Meaning they would earn an extra 50,700pa, enough to take a family of four on holiday to Santas cabin in Lapland 22 times.

The increase in demand and cost would result in a black market for turkey and maybe even people trying to pass chicken, pheasant, duck etc. off as turkey!

To make all the Christmas cakes would need 25.3 million metric tons of raisins and sultanas, thats the same weight as 79.5 million reindeer. You would also need 1.3 billion gallons of brandy enough to fill the volume of Wembley stadium 5.9 times If you stacked all the Christmas cakes on top of each other then they would be 4.5 million times taller than the Trafalgar square Christmas tree.

Health and Social Problems in UK

In a year a person would consume 730K extra calories leading to a weight gain of 14st 9lb the same weight as 3 Siberian Huskies.

Due to severe obesity life expectancy would drop by 10yrs to 69yrs, this would save the government over 55K per person in pension payments.

There would be a 40% increase in alcohol related illness costing the NHS 4.2 billion a year, just 1 billion more than it would cost you to buy the entire Manchester City squad.

There would 3366 more people banned for drink driving, thats 224 rugby teams worth of people. Children would lose 91 days worth of sleep a year due to being over excited, which would lead to lack of concentration and increased risk of diabetes and obesity.

Divorce rates double over the festive period so in a year when its Christmas every day the UK could see the number of divorces hit half a million. With all these divorces an average divorce solicitor could see their income jump to around 80,000pa.

Birth rates would increase by 9% at meaning an extra 69,300 babies a year, thats nearly double the population of Liechtenstein.

UK Economics

Christmas accounts for 39% of gift sales, an industry that is currently worth 112 billion. If Christmas uplift was seen all year the gift industry would be worth an extra 16 trillion, which is 1.6 times the value of the United States economy!

Restaurants charge an average 25% premium for food on Christmas day. Currently restaurant industry is worth 36 billion to UK economy, if they charged Christmas rates every day that would boost the restaurant sector by 3.3 trillion, enough to buy Buckingham Palace 3513 times!

Toy sales in the UK are worth 2.94 billion and Christmas accounts for 23% of annual sales, so would be an increase of 246 trillion which would buy you 2565 Raptor stealth fighter jets!

85% of toys given at Christmas in the UK are made in China. If it was Christmas every day we would need 3.2 trillion toys from China, thats enough to fill the O2 110 times compared to number of British toys needed which would only fill the O2 5.5 times.


Santa would have to cover 27,557.5 million miles, thats the same as to the sun and back 599 times and he would need to work 11,315 hours in a year, a total of 2,555 hours more than exist!

He would consume 33.5 billion mince pies a total of 9,683 billion calories thats enough calories to light 4,689 billion light bulbs the equivalent of lighting the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree 937 million times!

To prevent exhaustion Santa would need a team of over 400 reindeers, who between them would eat 21 billion kg of carrots, thats the same weight as 35.6 million elves.

Santa would be so busy that he wouldnt have time to trim and maintain his beard meaning that after 5 years his beard would reach to the floor, which could cause a trip hazard. If Santa was injured the Easter bunny could take over as with it being Christmas every day he would be out of a job!

Fairy Lights and Christmas Trees

Around the World 23.98 billion Kilowatts of energy would be needed to power all the fairy lights thats enough power to run 20.9 million fridges for a year. The annual cost for all that power would be 1.8 billion the same as it would cost you for return flights and overnight stay with champagne dinner at the North Pole 169,270 times.

367.2 million Christmas trees would be need for those homes that want to have a real tree in good condition for the whole year. To grow all the trees would take up 183 billion acres enough to cover the surface of the moon 1624 times.

Socks and Smellies Around the World

32,740 million pairs of socks would be given as gifts making a total weight of 5,092 reindeers. Women would receive enough bubble bath and bath salts for 1.57 million Olympic swimming pool size baths.

Cards, Crackers and Wrapping Paper around the World

18,615 square miles of wrapping paper would be used, which would be enough to wrap up Northern Ireland.

10.9 billion crackers would be pulled, which between them would contain enough Silver Fulminate in the "bangs" to blow the roofs off 1.2 million factories. 441,666 people working none stop all year would be needed to make enough crackers, thats the entire populations of Malta, The Cook Islands and Montserrat combined. Also 1800.2 square miles of paper would be needed to make the paper hats in the crackers thats enough paper to cover 2.5 million Olympic ice rinks.

365 billion Christmas cards would be sent, which if laid out would reach from London to the North Pole 27 times. If you licked all the envelopes you would consume 6.2 trillion calories thats the same as eating 4.2 billion Christmas puddings.

Music Royalties

Currently Slade rake in around 3.6 million in royalties from radio airplay of their hit Merry Xmas Everyone, this would rocket if it was Christmas every day to approximately 43.2 million a year. Meaning they could buy 36 Rolls Royce Phantoms each.

For more big earners from Christmas royalties take a look at our Royalty Calculator

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