If It Were Christmas Every Day

We wish it could be Christmas everyday!

I wish it could be Christmas everyday

Glam Rockers Wizzard sang the immortal words "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" in 1973 and now, over 40 years later, festive revellers sing along with much merriment. But do we REALLY wish it could be Christmas every day? What would buying all these Christmas Gifts do to our pockets? And what about our waistlines? Well Prezzybox researchers have done the maths and we can tell you the results are pretty epic...

Music Royalties

Currently Slade rake in around 3.6 million in royalties from radio airplay of their hit Merry Xmas Everyone, this would rocket if it was Christmas every day to approximately 43.2 million a year. Meaning they could buy 36 Rolls Royce Phantoms each.

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