Corporate Gifts


Employee Rewards

* Value & motivate your staff
* Reward efforts & innovation
* Enforce a positive company ethos
* We work to any budget and appeal to all ages and demographics
* Site-wide employee discounts
* Create bespoke gifts that create smiles

Customer Gifts

* Increase retention and value customers
* Maintain loyalty
* Improve customer image and perception
* Increase brand exposure
* Generate new leads and referrals
* Maximise sales opportunities

Supplier Gifts

* Thank your suppliers and partners and generate a happy, long-term relationship
* Gain prospective partners with incentives
* Show you're invested and committed in a strategic partnership


* Offer subscription gifts to your readers and encourage sales
* Get great goody bag items at a discounted rate based on spend
* Gain prospective media collaborations and consolidate exisiting partnerships

Prezzybox Corporate Gifts

Company gifts and corporate thank you gifts are unique and personal ways to congratulate someone close to your business.


Want to reward an employee who has gone the extra mile? Employee appreciation gifts, ranging from personalised sweets to fun-filled experience days, is your answer.


Client and business gifts help boost brand sentiment and further bolster your cutomer and supplier relationships. Let them know you care with a personal gift, from you.

Why Prezzybox?

Don't give prickly gifts that leave your employees deflated. Feel as sharp as a needle when you incentivise your staff with Prezzybox!


Be unique and bring imaginative gifts to your employees, customers or suppliers. Create moments of happiness and we'll deliver the most extraordinary gifts right to your door, or desk.


From small and fun finds to luxury hampers and alcohol, there's something for everyone with our magical range of gifts.

About Our Brand

With a vibrant and fun-loving personality, at Prezzybox, we're just as quirky as the gifts we sell.


We source only stylish, unique and innovative gifts with the aim of creating as many beaming smiles as possible.


As a family run company we value happiness above all else!

Personalised Gifts