Prezzybox's Mission Statement & Core Values

1. Informal and Professional
We don’t stand on ceremony, everyone is approachable, we all want to do our jobs well.

2. Inclusive
We welcome people with all kinds of differences, who like helping others.

3. Honest
We act with integrity; we are ethical and responsible.

4. Reliable
We do what we say we do; we don’t let people down.

5. Collaborative
We value teamwork, we succeed together. 

6. Respectful
We treat everyone who buys from us and sells to us how we want to be treated ourselves.

7. Resilient and Adaptable
We embrace change, we respond to the unforeseen, we are fast. 

8. Profitable
£ We are a commercial business, we contribute to society, we reward ourselves, we grow

Our mission is: 

To provide a fantastic choice of affordable gifts for all kinds of people, so everyone can find 
a thoughtful present for any special occasion