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Personalised Candles

Candles engraved with your personal message

There's nothing more romantic that putting on the Barry White Album, opening a bottle of Blue Nun and lighting a couple of Candles. Sooooooo decadent. This veritable love fest is heightened that little bit more with the addition of a personalised candle or two.

The Personalised Wooden Candle Holders allow for a message of love to be engraved on the side. Looking for some less traditional Lighting? We've got that covered too!

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Personalised Wreath Soy Candle
£33.99 0.0/5
Personalised Wooden Candle Holders
£24.99 4.1/5
Personalised Tea Light Box
£12.99 3.6/5
Personalised White Lantern
£19.99 3.8/5
Personalised Black Lantern
£14.99 4.2/5
Personalised Votive Candle Holder
£6.99 3.7/5
Personalised Tea Light Holder
£19.99 4.9/5
Personalised Couples Christmas Modern Lantern
£29.99 5.0/5
Personalised Traditional Christmas Candle
£9.99 3.0/5
Personalised Silver Anniversary Candle
£9.99 4.6/5
Personalised Love Makes A Home LED Candle
£9.99 3.4/5
Personalised Classic Pink Scented Jar Candle
£12.99 4.0/5
Personalised Gold Name Scented Candle with Lid
£12.99 4.0/5
Personalised Monogram Candle Holder
£6.99 3.7/5
Personalised Ruby Wedding Anniversary Candle
£9.99 4.9/5
Personalised Me To You Graduation Candle
£9.99 4.0/5
Personalised Gold Anniversary Candle
£9.99 0.0/5
Personalised Scented Candle
£34.95 0.0/5
Personalised Home Scenting Gift Set
£69.95 0.0/5
Personalised Easter Bunny Candle
£9.99 5.0/5
Personalised Extra Large Silver Lantern
Out Of Stock
£44.95 0.0/5
Personalised Christmas Frost Rustic Black Lantern
Out Of Stock
£16.99 0.0/5

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