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Privacy & Cookies

Everything you need to know about Cookies

At Prezzybox.com we have always aimed to ensure that we act in a transparent, honest and clear way with regards to our users privacy. Recent legislation states that we need to make our users aware of cookies that we are using on Prezzybox.com and this recent legislation is an extension of our on going policy so we are happy to share.

So what are cookies?

Cookies are used on millions of websites on a daily basis. They can't harm your computer. Moreover they are little text files that are automatically stored on your computer when you visit certain sites - including Prezzybox.com.

There is a whole raft of websites which tell you about cookies. Here's one of the more simple to understand: https://www.aboutcookies.org.

At Prezzybox we use cookies to keep track on what you have added to your basket and to remember this when you return to the site if you've not completed your purchase.

To order products on Prezzybox.com you'll need to have cookies enabled. If you don't want cookies enabled then you can still browse the site but you won't be able to make a purchase.

The majority of web browsers have cookies enabled, but you can turn them off should you wish to.

No personal information - such as name, address or credit card - is stored on Prezzybox through the use of cookies, but we do use encrypted information gathered from them to improve your browsing experience whilst using the site.

3rd Party Cookies on Prezzybox.com

Prezzybox do work with a number of carefully selected partners who may, at times set cookies during your visit to Prezzybox.com. These cookies are listed here together with the reasons for using them.

Managing Cookies

Should you wish to remove cookies from your computer for Prezzybox.com or for any other website then you can do in your browser settings.

Please note however, that if cookies aren't enabled on your computer then you will not be able to shop on Prezzybox.com. You will be able to browse through the site but won't actually be able to make a purchase as our checkout is reliant on the use of cookies.

To enable cookies on your computer you'll need to go to the web browser you are using and enable cookies. Below are instructions of how to do this for specific browsers.

Internet Explorer for PC

Click on 'Tools' at the top of your browser
Select 'Internet Options'
Click the 'Privacy Tab'
Set your Privacy level to Medium or below. This will enable cookies.

Firefox for PC

Click on 'Tools' at the top of your browser
Select the 'Privacy Icon'
Click on 'Cookies'
Select 'Allow site to set cookies'

Safari for PC

Click on the 'Cog icon' at the top of your browser
Select the 'Preferences' option
Click on 'Security'
Click the option that says 'Block third-party and advertising cookies'
Click 'Save'

Google Chrome for PC

Click on 'Tools' at the top of your browser
Select 'Options'
Click on the 'Under the Hood tab'
Find the 'Privacy' section
Select 'Content' Settings
Select Allow Local Data to 'Set'

Internet Explorer for Mac

Click on 'Explorer' at the top of your browser
Select 'Preferences'
Find 'Cookies' under Receiving Files
Select 'Never Ask'

Safari for Mac

Click on 'Safari' at the top of your browser
Select 'Preferences' Option
Click on 'Security'
Click 'Accept Cookies'
Select 'Only from the site you navigate to'

Mozilla/Netscape for Mac

Click on 'Mozilla' or 'Netscape' at the top of your browser
Select 'Preferences'
Scroll down to 'Cookies' under the 'Privacy & Security' section
Select 'Enable Cookies for the originating website only'

Opera for Mac

Click on 'Menu' at the top of your browser window
Select 'Settings'
Select 'Preferences'
Select the 'Advanced Tab'
Select the 'Accept Cookies' option

Prezzyboxes Cookies Policy

To fully utilise all that Prezzybox.com has to offer and to purchase products on the site, then you will need to enable cookies on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The cookies we use don't store sensitive information - such as Name, Address or Credit card details, they are simply replaced with XXX.

Should you chose to do so, you can chose not to use cookies on Prezzybox by blocking, restricting or deleting cookies from Prezzybox.com. This can be done in your browser - be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or any other. Check the help menu of your browser for instructions on how to change the preferences of your cookie.

If you are accessing Prezzybox.com through a smartphone then you'll need to check the settings of your handset to change your cookies preferences.

A List of the Cookies we use on Prezzybox.com

  • _ga, _gat-UA-xxxxxxxx, _gid - These are cookies set by Google Analytics, which allows us to analyse visitors to the site. Google Analytics cookies do not collect personal data about visitors to our website
  • gaLastListClick - used for tracking product clicks
  • __ar_v4 - used by google to track sessions after clicking ads
  • ASPXAUTH - stores authentication information for when you are signed in as a user or guest.
  • ASP.NET_SessionId - allows us to store information for your visit, eg your items in your basket
  • AttraqtClickCode, FSMAID - allows a third party responsible for merchandising to display the most relevant products to your searches and browsing
  • __cfduid - used by cloudflare to protect prezzybox
  • ClientData - browser information used for optimisation
  • GE_ISOPERATED, GlobalE_CT_Data, GlobalE_CT_Tracked - used by internation shipping partner for identification of non-UK customers to serve more relevant information to them
  • OrderId - your order id which allows us to display and modify your cart
  • RecentlyViewedProducts - a list of products you have recently viewed, stored so that we can provide easy navigation back to them
  • scarab.mayAdd, scarab.visitor - third party cookies used for marketing purposes
  • _vis_opt_xxx, _vwo_xxx - used by VWO - a testing platform
  • uid - a unique user id we use to identify you as you
  • _uetsid - used for tracking bing advertisements
  • amazon-pay-abtesting-new-widgets - tracks which version of amazon pay buttons are being used

Prezzybox.com use Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting to collect user data.

Social Network Cookies

Sometimes you may like to 'share' content from Prezzybox via sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. In doing so you may be sent cookies from these websites. We don't control the settings on these websites, so you'll need to check each site individually to ascertain their cookies policy.

Our 3rd parties Cookies Policies

As with most websites, when visiting Prezzybox.com you may notice that some of the cookies used on the site are not related to Prezzybox.com. If for example you got to a webpage that has a video on it, then it may be that this video is embeded from Youtube. In this instance you may be sent a cookie from Youtube. As stated previously this is a 3rd party website and we can't control the use of Cookies on this website. If you have any issues with the cookies on the 3rd party site then we recommend that you speak to the 3rd party themselves about their cookies usage.

Some of the 3rd Parties who's cookies are used on Prezzybox are:

Emarsys - This cookie tracks and gathers information to identify visitors from Prezzybox newsletters. The information gathered is used for analysing each newsletter sent and this information can only be seen by relevant personnel at Prezzybox and Emarsys.
Affiliate Window - Uses a cookie for tracking sales made on our website and allows us to know which website the visitor came from.
MyThings Media - MyThings media uses cookies to provide you with adverts that are personalised when you visit other websites and the data collected doesn't contain any personal details.
Targeted Media - Uses cookies for tracking visitors to our site.
Sub2Tech - Uses cookies for tracking visitors to our site.


Prezzybox.com also uses 3rd party vendor re-marketing tracking cookies, including the Google Adwords tracking cookie. This means we will continue to show ads to you across the internet, specifically on the Google Content Network (GCN). As always we respect your privacy and all data is collected anonymously.

The third-party vendors, including Google, whose services we use will place cookies on web browsers in order to serve ads based on past visits to our website. Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to your website. This allows us to make special offers and continue to market our services to those who have shown interest in our service.

You can control the ads that are delivered to you based on your Google Account, across devices, by editing your settings on googles dashboard

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