Prezzybox Look & Feel

Look & Feel

Not to be vain, but how we look is important to us. When you visit, you should know where you are straight away!

We achieve this by having a consistent look and feel across Prezzybox.

Our look is down to style choices we make when we are designing our website.
How we feel, however, is made up entirely of how we choose to speak.

Ready to find out more? Let's go.

Our Look

Our look across the website is made up of three equally important aspects: typography, colour palette, and the Prezzybox logo.

We'll go over each in a bit of detail.

A pair of glasses on a yellow background.
A pair of headphones, keyboard, pen, mouse and a journal on a pink background

Typography: We Shot the Serif

We use Nunito Sans across the site. Reflecting our clarity and versatility as a brand, it is elegeant and instantly intelligble - our choice of typeface fits us down to a tee.

It's 100% our type... on everything.

Colour Palette: The Sweet Suite

Our colour palette, the sweet suite, consists mainly of pastel tones. Complementing our primary colour - Parma violet.

Supplementary colours include Super Shrimp, Flying Saucer, Liquorice, Bubblegum Blue, and Pink Pig.

Just like the real thing, the sweet suite leaves a good impression.

Letters 'P' and 'B' in pink.

Logo: New Beginnings

The Prezzybox logo is modern and minimalist, embodying our intuitive design. A bright splash of Parma Violet encapsulates our energy.

Coupled with a Liquorice offset-outline to embolden our logo.

All-caps. All the time. Like our passon for creating moments of happiness - always on.

Our Feel

The main tool we have to communicate with you is the way we write.

It's incredibly powerful. Matching our words with the way we are is vital in making sure you understand who we are.

Ultimately, it's our key asset to convince you that we are your kind of brand.

You know, the pen is mightier than the sword, and all that.

A group of many colourful balloons float in the sky.
A set of novelty teeth with green gums


In case you're not already aware (where have you been?!), we like to make people happy. Humour plays a big role in that.

At the very least, we can probably make you exhale slightly faster than normal.

Words are powerful. They can break you down, or build you up. We're champions of the latter.

Normal, not Formal

A benefit of being a fun-loving, family business? We don't have to use corporate words!

You come to Prezzybox to be informed and entertained - whether you buy anything or not. Our first goal is to delight.

There's no way we can do that if we read like a bank statement or council tax renewal letter.

Although we don't use formal language all the time, we are 100% serious about doing the right thing for you - always.

Letters spell out 'fun' and is surrounded by toy dinosaurs.
A brown goat being hand fed grass.


Being a family, we're as open and transparent as we can be. The language we use is inclusive.

It goes without saying that discriminatory language or actions are not tolerated here. Everyone is welcome here.

We want to share the love. The Prezzybox experience is available and accessible to all.

And there you have it. Prezzybox's look and feel.

We hope you've enjoyed this whistle-stop tour in the way we walk the walk, and how we talk the talk.

It's been emotional, folks. See you soon.

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