5 Garden Party Ideas For Fun In The Sun

If you’re stuck for garden party ideas, let us inspire you with 5 of the best.

Six glass jar cocktails

The sun’s out, the birds are singing and summer is well and truly here. Garden party, anyone?

If you’re stuck for garden party ideas, let us inspire you with 5 of the best.

Now let’s all pray for more than 4 days of nice weather this summer…

Miracles do happen.

1 - Pool Party!

If there’s anywhere better than the UK for a pool party, we don’t know about it. No olympic sized swimming pool in your back garden? Never fear… it’s probably raining.

Unicorn garden sprinkler

Unicorn Garden Sprinkler

What’s the one thing every garden party needs? That’s right - a 6ft inflatable unicorn sprinkler. Connect it to your garden hose and have the time of your life as this magical creature spurts water from its horn.

It’s great for the plants, too.

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Or, for a tropical island vibe, our island gift pack is where it’s at.

Featuring personalised champagne flutes, cocktail candies, and, of course, flamingo sunglasses and a flamingo inflatable, all you need now is a multi-million pound villa in the south of Spain.

They’re sold separately.

And, finally, whatever you do, don’t forget your Personalised Swimsuit.

When’s the last time you went to a pool party and found the host chilling in the paddling pool wearing a swimming costume with their face on?


If this out-there garden party outfit doesn’t make it a social event to remember, nothing will.

2 - A Kid’s Party (For Big Kids Too)

Who says kids should have all the fun? Whether you’re planning a kid’s birthday party, or a garden party for a big kid at heart, here’s how to ace it.

Avo-catch-o Game

Avo-catch-o Game

Lovers of avocados or vegetable-themed outdoor games - aren’t we all - need this Avo-catch-o Game, sure to keep the little (and big) ones entertained for hours.

Use the velcro avocado halves to catch the ‘stone’ and enjoy a bit of healthy competition!

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And no birthday garden party is complete without a slush puppie, obviously.

Serve up a cup of retro goodness at your garden party with our Slush Puppie Machine! Featuring an authentic throwback design, you’ll have the whole street popping round for a taste.

Feel free to charge.

3 - An Alfresco Soiree

Or, for us regular people, drinks outside.

For a more sophisticated affair, serve a round of G&Ts at your garden party with our Zymurgorium Gin Experience Pack.

Zymurgorium Gin Experience Pack

Zymurgorium Gin Experience Pack

Packed with 5 exciting flavours, including marmalade and turkish delight (don’t worry - they’re separate), it’s the perfect way to toast to summer.

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And the fanciest gin deserves the fanciest glasses…

Make your party shine with our stunning Rainbow Gin Glasses. Their iridescent design adds a touch of class to any alfresco get together.

Maybe hide the 6ft inflatable unicorn sprinkler for this one.

4 - A BBQ Bonanza

There’s nothing more classic than a BBQ in the glorious British sun. Yes, all the food may be burned, but will you pretend to enjoy it anyway while secretly feeding it to the dog? Of course you will!

BBQ Classics - Mighty Small Foodies Box

BBQ Classics - Mighty Small Foodies Box

With everything you need for a banger of a BBQ, this Mighty Small BBQ Foodies Box is perfect for a foodie garden party.

Stuffed with 8 premium treats, including LEON Burger Sauce, your BBQ will be the stuff of legend.

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And serve our brand new Pentire Non-Alcoholic Spirits alongside the (cooked to perfection) BBQ to toast to summer. With zesty grapefruit and natural berry, they might be non-alcoholic, but they’re packed with flavour!

5 - A Garden Rave

This one really depends on your relationship with the next-door neighbours, the neighbours on the whole street, the local police force, etc, etc.

We haven’t been able to dance for such a long time, so a garden rave’s the perfect way to let off some steam, and celebrate a return to - kind-of - normality.

Monty DAB Radio And Bluetooth Speaker

Monty DAB Radio And Bluetooth Speaker

Once you’re armed with a great quality speaker, the only thing missing is a playlist full of absolute bangers. Our coming-out-of-lockdown songs are all you need for a garden rave you’ll never forget.

Please abide by local noise laws.

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