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Stocking Fillers for Boys (under 12)

Amazing little stocking fillers for boys this Christmas!

Make your boy's Christmas this year by jam-packing their stocking with presents galore! You know you want to spoil them! Make bath time an even more enjoyable experience with the amazing Gelli Baff - transforming the water to an incredible oozy colourful goo! Yes, you did read correctly! Keep them occupied with the mesmerising Addictaball or light up their room with a mesmerizing out of this world experience Solar System Fairy Lights. There's plenty of excellent stocking fillers to choose from here at Prezzybox.

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SAVE 40%
Cat And Dog Origami
Cat And Dog Origami £4.20 £ 7.00
Reese's Peanut Butter
Ghost Cube  Brain Teaser Puzzle
Smelli Gelli Baff
SAVE 50%
Kitten Baby Socks
Kitten Baby Socks £4.99 £ 9.99
Solar Power Flower
Light On A Rope
Light On A Rope £6.99 £ 7.99
Crackle Baff
Crackle Baff £4.99
SnoBall Battle Pack
SAVE 40%
Santa Egg Cup and Toast Cutter
Cheese Grater Loo Roll
Personalised Paddington Bear Cutlery Set
Joggle Bopper
Joggle Bopper £9.99 £ 12.99
SAVE 40%
Bacon Soap
Bacon Soap £5.39 £ 8.99
Balloon Racers
Balloon Racers £6.99 £ 7.99
SAVE 40%
Lumi-Clip - Powerful Pocket Light
Colour-In Picnic Blanket
SAVE 40%
Edmond The Solar Pug
Edmond The Solar Pug £4.80 £ 8.00
Bike Horn
Bike Horn £3.49
SAVE 40%
Chocolate Zoo Collection
Chocolate Zoo Collection £7.20 £ 12.00
Duelling Wand Pencils
Duelling Wand Pencils £4.99 £ 5.99
Mega Rocket
Mega Rocket £3.99
Globe Sharpener
Remote Control Car In A Can
Personalised Santa Chocolate Bar
Personalised Dinosaur Pencil Case Set
SAVE 50%
Dual Charging Cable
Dual Charging Cable £3.99 £ 8.00
SAVE 50%
Potato Clock
Potato Clock £4.99 £ 9.99
SAVE 40%
Chocolate Brownie Mug Cake
Personalised Encyclopedia
SAVE 50%
Party Lights Spinning Party Light Bulb

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