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Vodafone - Grow It Kits

Grow Your Own Plant Babies!

Become the ultimate plant parent with our awesome range of Grow It kits. Including a Grow It Bonsai Tree, Grow It Chilli Peppers and a Grow It Unkillable Plant (for those who've had a few plant casualties in the past), our kits are super simple to use and come with handy instructions. They make a brilliant gift for inexperienced garden enthusiasts and will evolve into a beautiful plant that they can proudly display in their home!

For a limited time, only VeryMe customers can now exclusively get 20% off this amazing range. Simply enter your unique code in the shopping cart! Offer limited to one discounted product per household.

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Grow it - Bonsai Tree
Grow it - Carnivorous Plants
Grow it - Chilli Plant
Grow It - Rainbow Veg
Grow It - Cactus
Grow it - Unkillable Plant
Grow it - Snore Curing Plant
Grow it - Air Filtering Plant
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