Secret Santa Online - Ultimate Secret Santa Tool

Secret Santa Online - Ultimate Secret Santa Tool

Are you ready for a festive game of secret Santa? We thought so! Before you jump to get the best secret Santa gifts, it’s probably good to think about how you will anonymously assign recipients.

It doesn’t have to be as complicated as it may sound. Simply head to the ultimate secret Santa generator tool and you’re sorted! You can invite friends, family and even co-workers to organise your secret Santa via email or whatsapp. All that’s left for you to do is to find secret Santa gifts, which Prezzybox makes really easy!

What is secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a popular gift exchange game played amongst friends, families and colleagues. In this game everyone's a winner because every participant gets a gift.

Christmas presents are anonymously exchanged between players, and the participants have to guess who their ‘secret Santa’ (giver) was.

How to play secret Santa - game rules

  1. Gather participants: it’s important to determine who the players will be. You need to ensure that everyone is willing to participate by buying a gift for a randomly assigned recipient. In order to use the secret Santa generator you need to collect their phone numbers or email addresses at this point.
  2. Send the invitation & assign recipients to a Secret Santa: now that you know who’s joining the fun, you need to invite them to the game via the secret Santa generator so that they can draw a random recipient. In order to level the playing (gifting) field, it’s important that you determine the gift budget for the group. Most people set it at £15 per gift. Here are some fun secret Santa gifts under £10.
  3. Have everyone make a wish list: this will help the givers choose useful and wanted gifts. It’s your chance to give not-so-subtle hints of what you’d actually like. Make it easy and send a link for your most wanted secret Santa gifts from Prezzybox!
  4. Buy a gift for your recipient: if your recipient is a woman, head to the secret Santa gifts for her to find something she’ll love. We’ve also got a collection of secret Santa gifts for men and kids! Once you’ve got a gift, all you need to do is keep it under wraps. Yes, you need to wrap your gift, but more so you need to keep it a secret for the game to work. Don’t share what or who you bought a gift for.
  5. Plan a secret Santa party: pick a date and time and get everyone together to exchange their gifts. Remind them to add a name tag to their gift, BUT no adding ‘with love’ or ‘from’...
  6. Guess who’s your secret Santa: let the guessing games begin! After everyone has opened their gifts, take turns to guess who your mysterious giver was. It’s fun to see how people uncover the (wrong) identities!

19 Best secret Santa gifts 2023

  1. Warmies Boots Cream Microwavable
  2. Sumo Squats
  3. EXCLUSIVE Yellow Marmite Marmife
  4. TeaShed Bubble Tea 3 Serve
  5. Pot Noodle Mug & Spinning Fork Set - Chicken & Mushroom
  6. Snakes and Bladdered Drinking Game
  7. Catastrophe
  8. Milk Chocolate Bombes 3PK
  9. Heated Travel Scarf
  10. Baileys Chocolate Bombes
  11. Lower Back Massager
  12. Digital Drum Sticks
  13. Bath Noodles - Lemongrass & Hemp
  14. Turban Hair Towel - Infused With Coconut Oil
  15. Hangover Cure Shower Steamers
  16. The World's Smallest Vacuum
  17. Puzzle a Day
  18. Fetch My Keys - Key Finder
  19. Beard Buddy