#PollyThePooch - Christmas Advert 2016

#PollyThePooch - Christmas Advert 2016

Prezzybox have done it again, with their quick wit, their love of all things animal and the advantages of small business turn-around time, they've mastered the art of smart marketing.

Not afraid to try new things and with a fun, family feel to their workplace, the staff's innovative and creative environment was encouraged by Zak, MD of Prezzybox yesterday, when they created a quick parody of that much anticipated Christmas Advert. He's developed a flexible, non-hierarchical workplace of over twenty staff members, which encourages fun and creativity within the company and its products, valuing happiness above everything else, for staff and customers alike.

"We encourage a relaxing and creative atmosphere at Prezzybox, as well as chilling with our adopted goats and office pooches, Polly and Harley. We are more than colleagues, we are friends."

Always one for instigating pandemonium, Zak says, "It was a choice of doing work all afternoon or getting to lark about in the garden with the goats and a trampoline".

With an extravagant budget of 7 (for goat bribery purposes) and approximately 5 minutes planning time we quickly decided we had the ideal ingredients to cook up the perfect parody.

"Being a small business has its advantages over our larger competitors. We are able to communicate quickly through departments and produce content at speed, as well as connect with our customers and their interests on a day to day basis throughout social media."

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