4 Ways To De-Stress Ahead of the Euro Final

4 Ways To De-Stress Ahead of the Euro Final

Here’s Prezzybox’s guide to relaxing, remaining calm and getting a decent night’s sleep ahead of Sunday’s once-in-a-lifetime match.

It’s not ‘been home’ in 55 years and we really could do with winning to balance out the rubbishness of the last 18 months and a whole nation’s pinning its hopes upon you, England team.

But, no pressure.

1 - Create a relaxing atmosphere with our Stress Relieving Relaxation Light

England flags might be the order of the day, but such a harsh red doesn’t make for a chilled out ambiance. Try to keep at least one room in the house flag-free and retreat to it for much-needed football-free relaxation ahead of Sunday’s final.

Our Stress Relieving Relaxation Light moves seamlessly through a sequence of colours and accompanying sounds to carry you away into a world where a nation’s hopes and dreams don’t rely on a 90 minute football match. Ahhhh.

2 - Send positive vibes to the team with your own Positivity Coach

Rid your head of negative thoughts (‘The Italians are super fit’/’What if it goes to penalties?’/How am I gonna get up for work on Monday?’, etc.) with our The Positivity Coach book.

Full of tops and tricks to boost your self confidence, you might not be with the team to spur them on physically, but your good vibes and positive thoughts will be enough to send them to victory.


3 - Get a good night’s sleep with our Sleep Well Kit

Don’t let worry invade your Saturday night’s sleep. Rid your thoughts of Italian stallions, missed penalties and own goals and get some much-needed rest before the big day with our Sleep Well - 3 Steps Kit.

With bath oil, pillow spray and a rollerball filled with lavender, mandarin orange and sandalwood, you’re sure to wake up well rested, and ready for the day ahead. A few shots of super strong espresso will also help. (Not the Italian kind…)

4 - Be prepared for things to go… Gareth Southgate

Things don’t always go to plan… as poor Gareth knows only too well.

Whatever happens, we’ll be proud of the lads and their determination to not only succeed in football, but to advocate for a more positive society, and world.

Which is all great, but if they do lose, make sure you have plenty of chocolate on hand to drown your sorrows. This Personalised Football Cadbury Favourites Box should do the trick.