5 Ways to Live Your Best Island Life

5 Ways to Live Your Best Island Life

It’s nearly time for our favourite programme involving a bunch of beautiful people prancing about in a magnificent villa in the sunshine on a gorgeous island having relations with one another and are we jealous? Yes, a little bit.

That’s right - Love Island’s making an epic comeback, ready to take over our lives for the next 2 months and make us completely incapable of talking about anything else… much to the annoyance of those in the office who don’t watch it.

So if you’re not one of the lucky few about to embark on an all-expenses-paid trip to a dream island location, there must be a way of living the Love Island Inspired life in the UK, right?

Never fear. Check out our guide to living like an islander, in the comfort of your own home!

1 - Get a pool

Now you might not have a spare 50k to build a pool in your back garden, but that doesn’t mean living the island life is out of reach. Paddling pools are available for as little as a fiver and once you’ve popped your flamingo float in there, who can tell the difference?

Sit back (if you’ve got room), relax and sip on your fave cocktail.

This is the life.

2 - Dig out your summer clothes

To be honest, the skimpier the better. We’re talking teeny tiny swimming trunks, itsy bitsy bikinis and… that’s it, really.

Oh, and perhaps a nice cagoule to throw over your summer outfits for when it inevitably chucks it down.

3 - Sip in style

Living an Island inspired life wouldn’t be complete without a Gin Glass! It's beautifully hand painted and perfect for those hot days, when you just need a G&T and imagining you’re in a villa.

4 - Learn the lingo

Going full factor 50, sussing the snakes and getting the ick. To truly live like an islander, you’re gonna have to learn the lingo.

Practice the language of Love (Island) at every opportunity - chatting with friends, catching up with your grandparents, in your yearly performance review at work.

Practice makes perfect.

5 - Couple Up

Whilst you're living the dream island life, don’t forget the aim of the game - to couple up with your perfect match. Whether that’s your long-term partner (boring, but, okay), a new flame or your besties, living your best island life is all about spending time with those you love.

For us, that’s the dog.