Best Gardening Gifts for Mums

Best Gardening Gifts for Mums

Finding a suitable gift for mum is essential to wish her a Happy Birthday, wonderful Mother’s Day or a Merry Christmas.

For mums who like to be in nature, something for the garden or a garden-themed present can make a lovely gift, whatever the occasion might be.

Take a peek below to find the important years and to learn their themes - we've also included a gift suggestion for each year!

1 - Green-fingered Mums

For mums that like to get their hands dirty, weeding and tilling the soil, these personalised tools will make an ideal gift for preparing and planting seeds or bulbs. Made from tough and durable copper plated carbon steel, these tools can be used in the garden for different tasks and will last for a long time. Add an extra special touch by adding mum's name to the natural wooden handles and make a thoughtful gift.

2 - Garden Proud Mums

If your mum is proud of the work she has put into the garden, give her this delightful sign which can be hung up in a shed or from a tree branch. Made in an organic and rustic style from untreated wood this sign can be hung anywhere in the garden to show whose space it is. The surface of the sign can be laser etched with a name or a message to make a truly personalised gift. It is ideal for a birthday or any other type of celebration.

3 - (Semi) Famous Mums

Even if mum is not actually famous, show her she is still a star with this imitation blue heritage plaque. The durable plastic disc can be easily attached to a wall or a fence and will not fade or warp in hot or rainy weather conditions. The plaque can be personalised with mum’s name and a list of her best traits or achievements. It will make a touching and comical gift to hang in the garden or on the front of the home.

4 - Bird-watching Mums

This handmade birdhouse will be an absorbing craft project for mum to enjoy. Once all the wooden pieces of the birdhouse have been assembled, the finished item can be hung in the garden when it will attract wrens, finches, and other bird species. The bird habitat kit comes with everything needed to build and customise your own birdhouse, and will be an ideal gift for mums who enjoy watching feathered visitors.

5 - Flower-power Mums

Help mum to display her flowers and freshest blooms with this delightful vase. Each vase is individually grown and finished and can be engraved with a name or a message in a choice of three different fonts as an extra touch. The tapered neck holds cut flowers in place and it is a lovely way to bring outside flowers indoors. Use to show off roses, daffodils, or gladioli in an ornate and attractive way.

6 - Sweet-toothed mums

Combine her appreciation for gardening and her love of chocolate with this mouth-watering smash flower pot. Mum will love the delicate flower designs and the edible plant pot topped with caramel hearts can be broken open to reveal other favourite treats and goodies. The pot can be personalised to make a delightful and decadent gift for sweet-toothed gardeners. Give it for a birthday or anniversary and share in the celebration.

7 - Tough mums

Sometimes, as much as mum may enjoy spending time in the garden she may not have been blessed with green fingers. This unkillable plant will solve that problem, giving mum the opportunity to nurture and grow a plant that will not die. The kit contains everything needed and comes with tips and instructions - just in case a bit of extra help is needed. Give it to mum for a plant she can keep alive and enjoy.

8 - Happy Mums

Bring a smile to mum’s face with these super positive Be Happy Beans. Each individual bean is a laser etched with an upbeat personal message and comes with its own little growing pot. They will make a great gift for a birthday or Christmas and mum can enjoy watching each happy bean grow and flourish while spreading joy. Stay happy and positive with this super fun gift for gardeners.

9 - Vegetarian Mums

Depending on mum's food preferences and what she chooses to eat this grow your own vegetable kit could make the perfect present. If mum happens to be vegan or vegetarian, then give her the opportunity to grow her own fresh and organic vegetables with this handy kit. Comes with all the instructions needed to grow fresh and flavourful veggies. Just plant, water, and watch them grow.

10 - Dedicated Gardener Mums

This amazing gift hamper will give gardening mums all the tools and items needed for working outdoors. Come complete with gloves and essential weeding and planting tools to make gardening easy. Everything is contained in an elegant wicker basket and for an extra touch, an attached plaque can be personalised with mum's name. Mums who love to spend time in the garden will love this handy and convenient hamper.

11 - Allotment Mums

If mum lives in a flat or a home that doesn’t have a garden, then allow her to indulge her green thumb with this versatile indoor allotment. This tiny allotment comes with three miniature pots which sit neatly inside the white picket fence. Use each one to grow herbs or veggies from the included seed packets. Designed to look like a garden and shed this cute little plant holder comes with everything needed to grow a mini-allotment.

12 - Planting Mums

Show off plants in style with these stylish personalised planters. Designed to look completely natural using an eco-friendly ageing process, the planters come in a selection of unique finishes. An aluminium strip can be hand stamped with a name or a personal message. Great for any gardener or to add an attractive touch to any home interior. Use the planters to display flowers, cacti or succulents.

13 - Zen Mums

Mums who appreciate the time and patience it takes to grow stunning plants will enjoy this Bonsai tree kit. Grow your own tiny tree with this kit and choose from different Bonsai varieties. Comes with pots, compost discs and a booklet which includes tips and instructions for growing healthy Bonsai trees. Grow miniature but beautiful trees and give mum a gift that she can enjoy for years.

14 - Garden Party Mums

Bring the garden party indoors with these flower and garden themed bath melts. After a long day cutting and planting soak away aches and pains with these yummy cupcake bath melts. Enjoy scents like peony, lavender, and strawberry. Just throw one in the bath and relax. All bath melts are handmade using high-quality ingredients and are paraben free.

15 - Gin-Loving Mums

Enjoy sipping on a relaxing botanical drink after a hard day in the garden with a a glass of refreshing gin. Ideal for gardeners and gin lovers these original gins are made with exquisite floral scents and flavours like elderflower, lemon verbena, and jasmine. The three bottles are delightfully presented in a gorgeous gift box and will make an ideal gift for gardeners and gin lovers.

16 - Jewellery Loving Mums

Show her love of gardening and nature with this delicate bird necklace. Comes in a selection of styles and materials and will make the perfect gift for mums who enjoy the outdoors. The tiny gold bird charms are suspended from a sterling silver chain and can be personalised with a single initial. It will make a thoughtful and sentimental gift which can be worn every day.

17 - Interior Design Mums

Mums that love gardening and flowers will appreciate this colourful and stylish cushion. It will look lovely in any room in the house and will bring a splash of outdoor nature and colour indoors. The linen look cushion is decorated with stunning hand drawn flowers and there is a space below the design to add a personal message. Perfect for a birthday or Mothers Day.

18 - Country Mum

Give the countryside loving mum the ideal family sign featuring wellyboots. After a hard day in the garden muddy boots can be kept below this cool slate sign. Personalise if for the family with names and wellington boot designs and keep everything neat and tidy. The hand cut slate sign will make a thoughtful and practical gift for gardeners.