Prezzybox Picks: Corporate Gifts

Prezzybox Picks: Corporate Gifts

When it comes to showing your employees, customers, or partners just how much you appreciate them, Prezzybox helps you say it in style. We've got some gorgeous, creative and unique gifts that'll have you skyrocketing to the top of the marvellous manager list. There'll be no David Brent-esque awkwardness this year; you’ll be rocking that boss look like a well, a boss, we suppose.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite corporate gifts, to celebrate all their hard work this year! And if you want to order some for you to reward *your* hard work, that’s fine too. We encourage inclusivity here at Prezzybox.

Gin Hamper

Knock their socks off with this stunning Gin Hamper! What better way to unwind after a year’s hard work than with a hamper full of gin-spired treats! Whether for a team, partner, or one very lucky colleague, they’ll feel just about as appreciated as is humanly possible with this beautiful hamper. Probably gift it to them just before the end of the day, though, to prevent munching and drinking on the clock.

Personalised Toblerone

The only thing better than a sweet treat is an iconic sweet treat with your name on it. This Personalised Toblerone is truly a gift from the chocolate Gods, and will have the gift-receivers feeling incredibly motivated. Largely due to the sugar rush, probably.

A great treat to give just before you ask for that crucial end of quarter report, they’ll be so hyped up that they get it done in record speed! Don’t expect anything more, obviously. Sugar crashes, and all that.

Personalised Jägermeister

For a super slick gift, look no further than this awesome Personalised Jägermeister and Shot Glass Gift Set. Featuring a personalised 70cl bottle of the good stuff, along with personalised shot glasses and their name on the gift box, it’ll be pretty obvious who it belongs to! And who’s going to drink it all.

A fab way to celebrate hard work this year, they’ll be unwinding in style with this personalised bottle! Sharing is optional, but highly unlikely. Note the name!

Yes Studio Blink Monday Planner

No matter what our position, we can’t deny that Mondays are tough. Help your workforce to get back into the working spirit (if there is such a thing!) after the joy of the weekend with this super stylish Yes Studio Planner.

Featuring the text, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, blink’ monday’, it’s sure to resonate with the whole team, but is still jazzy enough to give them the energy (and organisation skills!) to power through the week.

With space for important notes, it makes a great addition to any meeting! Depending on who’s in attendance... Maybe hide them for big boss visits.

Massage Cushion

Self care is a crucial part of an efficient workforce. What better way to help them relax and rejuvenate after a hectic year than with this marvellous Massage Cushion. Featuring a gentle vibrating motion and super soft cover, it soothes any part of the body, and can be used at home, or on the office chair! Just in the office chair, of course.

Be sure to state explicitly that massage tables, lying on the floor, and nipping out’ for a facial are not permitted!

Desktop Mini Arcade Machine

If your workforce are in need of some fun after long meetings, hectic days and general Monday mornings, this super fun Desktop Mini Arcade Machine will have them unwinding *and* travelling back in time! Reminiscent of amusement park games, it features 240 blasts from the past, which makes it great for all staff rooms and offices! Depending on their procrastination habits, of course.

And if your team is slightly on the millennial side, make sure you have sufficient time to explain what a joystick is...

I Am Very Busy Flask

Reward hard work with this stylish I Am Very Busy Stainless Steel Thermal Mug, sure to warn off any faffers, chatters and procrastinators, and let them crack on with the task at hand!

They are very busy, don’t they know. They’ll be sipping their caffeine of choice in style with this thermal mug, sure to have them powering through the day, knocking those meetings out of the park! As long as tea and coffee are always available, of course. Run out at your peril!

Personalised Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

For a customer, partner or colleague who is the ultimate in suave sophistication, give the gift of style with these stunning Personalised Mother of Pearl Cufflinks. Make a cracking suit look even better with these cufflinks, featuring their initials and mother of pearl detail.

Sure to make them feel valued and motivated, they’ll make an appearance at every office party gathering! Of course, do tell everyone who they’re from. You brilliant gift giver, you.

Personalised Face On Socks

Your staff squad on socks? Best. Boss. In. The. World. Your staff’ll be talking the talk and walking the walk with these crazy fun socks. Whether it’s their face, their favourite colleague’s face, or yours (what a treat), they’ll love showing off their fab footwear in the office.

Let’s face it, nothing motivates a workforce like laughter. And heavily-enforced workplace rules. Sock it to em!

Personalised Lindor Sweet Tree

If they have some room left after munching their Personalised Toblerone, give them a stunning sweet treat that looks nearly as good as it tastes! But not quite. Nothing says luxury like Lindor chocolates, especially when they’re formed into a sweet tree full of silky smooth deliciousness.

Personalise the glass base with a message of your choice, and watch the office light up! If you’re expecting them to share well, to put it plainly, don’t.

Whether you’re after home gifts, fun gifts, personalised gifts, or gifts full of chocolatey deliciousness, reward cracking customers, the perfect partners and top-notch teams with some Prezzybox magic. Your gift? A motivated, relaxed, and hard-working workforce. And a share of some of the sweet treats, if you’re lucky. And quick.

For more information, please visit our Corporate Gifts page or give our Account Managers a call to discuss your gifting needs!