Gardening with the Kids: Fun Activities to get Little Green Fingers Helping in the Garden

Gardening with the Kids: Fun Activities to get Little Green Fingers Helping in the Garden

A great way to get kids interested in outdoor activities and away from their mobile phones, is to get them interested in gardening. Watching a flower bloom from a seed can be a fascinating experience for youngsters and identifying colourful plants, herbs, and flowers is a great way to keep kids busy and entertained all day especially in the school holidays.

If you want to get your children outdoors and spend time in the garden, here's some activity Ideas and Gifts you can use to keep them interested and engaged.

Plant Flowers

Kids can have a lot of fun digging out soil, making borders, and planting seeds to watch them grow. But any flowers or shrubs that you plant will need to be relatively easy to nurture or your kids may soon lose interest. Purpose made Grow Kits or Indoor Allotments can be a way to see plants shooting up quickly, and things like carnivorous plants and Bonsai trees are bound to spark their imagination.

If your child doesn't possess green fingers then growing 'hard to kill' plants may be ideal. Things like cactuses or unkillable plants will be useful to keep kids coming back to check on progress. If you would like to teach your child more about the environment and sustainability then you could build a vegetable garden with them. Your kids will be delighted to see items like tomatoes or peppers grow out of nowhere that can then be used to prepare a meal.

Bird and Bug Houses

Gardening with children will mean doing something that keeps their attention, so building or painting something can be ideal. Kids that are fascinated with the world of insects will love constructing and decorating a bug house or a bug garden to attract all kinds of creepy-crawlies. Even though it might seem a bit icky, bug houses can actually attract insects that are good for the garden and that can help to keep plants pollinated and keep certain types of destructive bugs away.

If bugs aren’t appealing, then an attractive bird house may work better. Insect Houses come in all shapes and sizes and birdhouse kits can be bought that kids can enjoy putting together and painting in readiness for the new feathered occupants. Making a brightly coloured bird house to hang in the garden will attract a variety of household birds that your children will enjoy watching and identifying. Bird houses can also be made from household items like an old juice carton or a shoe box for a fun DIY project.

Kids Gardening Gifts

Part of being able to work in the garden effectively is having the right tools for the job. For older kids, Personalised Fork and Trowel Sets, gardening tool kits, leather gloves, or even a sign that says 'Lacy's Garden' can make kids feel like they are part of the outdoor space. Using their own tools to cut, weed, and prune can provide children with a real purpose and sense of ownership over their little corner of the garden.

For younger kids, keeping their interest in gardening may prove to be a bit more of a challenge. If all else fails, there are lots of brightly coloured garden toys that can be used to provide fun and different activities. It may not be quite as environmentally friendly as growing a bright and colourful garden with your kids, but at least they will be outside and able to enjoy the fresh air!

So there you have it, all you need to know about getting the little ones to have fun with you in the garden! If you're looking for some prezzies for the garden then take a look at our fantastic range of Garden Gifts