Prezzybox Picks: Festive Hampers

Prezzybox Picks: Festive Hampers

Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of year... because you can eat and drink whatever you want and not feel guilty about it. Amazing.

The festive period, the time for indulgence and luxurious treats galore, means hampers full of delicious delights for the whole family. Or, if your family are super greedy and have helped themselves to all of *your* food throughout the year, stuff them, and have it all to yourself.

You can only be nice for so long. Time to be naughty!

Festive Food and Drink

Sure to be the piece de resistance of the festive season, this jaw-dropping hamper is packed full to the brim with gorgeous treats galore. Looking for a very (very, very) special treat for a very special family? Found it!

From Baileys Miniatures and Vanilla Fudge to Mead Wine and Engraved Tumblers, it includes everything you could possibly need to make this Christmas cracking! Whether you're a chocoholic or gin-fiend, vino-lover or sweet treat devotee, (or, like us, all of those), you'll find something that you’ll want to grab before anyone else gets their hands on it first.

Of course, if you order it for your family, you could take the popcorn out of it first and the gorgeous Christmas organic scented candle and the mini gins, because, gin. For saying we’re a gift company, we’re really bad at this gift-giving thing.

Festive Gin Hamper

To gin or not to gin? ... is never really a question that needs to be asked. If you’re in need of some gin-spiration for a someone who loves gin o’clock, get their gin-gle bells gin-gling with this amazing Festive Gin Hamper!

Are the puns getting annoying yet? Never!

Featuring a range of gifts gin-spired (sorry) by the most terrific tipple, you’ll find Joe & Seph’s Gin and Tonic Popcorn, Citrus Flavoured Tonic and, of course, the good stuff itself - Gin Minis! With 11 gin-themed gifts packed into this beautiful hamper, it makes the perfect gift for gin fiends, or treat yourself (and your no, just yourself) to this wonderful hamper.

Ensure you leave an incredibly passive aggressive note on the top to warn off any family members with wandering greedy mits. Alternatively, scoff it all before Christmas dinner, so they don’t have the chance!

We never do that.

Please gin responsibly!

Personalised Retro Sweetie Hamper

If you know an adult who hates adulting, send them back to their sweet-treat filled childhood with this awesome Personalised Retro Sweetie Hamper!

Remember those trips to Woolworths (RIP) that always ended in a mega bag of pick n’ mix, even though you were only allowed’ a few? *Evil child laugh*. I’m having *all* of the fried eggs. Stuff you, society!

Even though the blessed Woolworths has now departed, God rest its soul, you can recreate those wonderful times with this hamper, full of blasts from the past, like Love Hearts, Jelly Babies and Flying Saucers. Oh my gosh, and Flumps. Take us back!

Give them a well-deserved break from paying their council tax, taking the bins out and working 9-5 (who decided that any of these things were a good idea?!) with this Retro Sweetie Hamper!

Festive Prosecco

This amazing Festive Prosecco Hamper makes the perfect gift to get a prosecco-lover’s festive season popping! Especially if that prosecco-lover is you!

Bursting with prosecco-themed deliciousness, including 2 Personalised Prosecco Flutes, a jar of Prosecco Hard Boiled Sweets, and a bottle of Le Contesse Spumante Single Serve Prosecco, it’s full of bubbly bits of brilliance which, again, do not need to be shared! Gosh, we are harsh. Of course, you *may* offer your favourite family member or friend a piece of Prosecco popcorn. Just a piece, mind. And they shall be grateful for it.

Browse our full hamper range here. Share if you want (have) to, or fill your boots with tantalising treats.

After all, you surely weren’t planning on moving over the festive period?