Ultimate Pairs - Ten Weird Food Combos

Ultimate Pairs - Ten Weird Food Combos

February is the month of couples and looooove. But there isn't a love quite as big as our love for food. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we've set out to discover the best (and weirdest) food couplings out there. Because who needs peanut butter and jam when you can have peanut butter and jacket potato?!

From the opinion of our social media followers and suggestions from the Prezzybox family, we've chosen the ten ultimate(-ly ridiculous) food pairings!

Settle in, because this is going to be a *slightly* wild ride.

10 - Maltesers + Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps

Okay, we have to admit we're all here for this one. Chocolate and crisps have been tried, tested and proved to be delicious. FACT.

9 - McDonald's Chicken Nuggets + Strawberry Milkshake

Dippin’ chicken nuggets in a milkshake ain’t the first thing on our mind but we’re definitely not here to judge! As Maccies super fans, we’ll give this one a go for sure.

8 - Crisp and strawberry jam sandwiches

Another salty and sweet combo for your consideration... Perhaps something to try at lunch?

7 - Marmite + Beans On Toast

Definitely one for those who love the stuff. But as the saying goes, don’t knock it until you try it...And after you’ve tried it, let us know how it went.

6 - Corned Beef + Cheese Wotsits + Mayo

Okay, maybe we’re here to judge, after all. Although this trio is technically (and literally) breaking all the rules, we had to mention it. Guess it’s true what they say - three is definitely a crowd!

5 - Prawn Cocktail Crisps + Cottage Cheese

Now, this entry from one of our Instagram followers actually read ‘prawn cocktails crisps mashed up with cottage cheese’. Sounds weirdly wonderful, to be completely honest.

4 - Marmite + Dairylea Sandwiches

Another one to cause arguments for sure. We’re all up for Dairylea sandwiches, with or without Marmite.

3 - Curry Pot Noodles + Quavers

This unusual pair was suggested by our very own Barney, who uses the Quavers as a spoon for his noodles. Genius or complete madness?

2 - Mac 'n' Cheese + Egg Fried Rice

Serving some double-carbs realness is this highly strange food pair, suggested by one of our Twitter followers. Perhaps it’s so unusual it’s actually good?

1 - Peanut Butter + Ketchup on a Jacket Potato

And the winner of weirdest food combo has to be this supdtacular trio. We all know that jacket potato with a bit of ketchup is delish...But adding peanut butter? We’re not really sure how a-peel-ing that would be…