Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Every year - no, every DAY - of marriage is special and should be celebrated with a gift.

However, to make it easier to remember and easier for your bank account, there are a bunch of key years of marriage that are associated with their own materials and themes, like the Ruby 40th anniversary.

Take a peek below to find the important years and to learn their themes - we've also included a gift suggestion for each year!

1st Anniversary - Paper

Kicking it all off is the Paper Anniversary, representing the blank canvas that you both will fill with the future years and experiences together. The memory of the beautiful day is still fresh in your head - you can hardly believe it's been a year!

Taking inspiration from the world famous Scrabble game, this poster is perfect for a Paper Anniversary gift. The simple and stylish design allows you to personalise the scrabble-style tiles on the poster with 2 names that are interlinked. You can even include the wedding date in the top left corner.

2nd Anniversary - Cotton

The 2nd anniversary is cotton which signifies the maturing of the relationship and two souls becoming further interwoven with each other - how cute!

Celebrate two years of love with this stunning Personalised Cotton (2nd) Anniversary Time Card. The bespoke design is then printed onto white cotton, which is fixed to the front of the card. This card would also make a beautiful addition to your home and is great for framing and keeping as a milestone memento.

3rd Anniversary - Leather

Third is leather. Rough and durable to reflect the three years of trials and tribulations you both have conquered. Did you know that three years of marriage is exactly 94694400 seconds? I know, right?

This stylish Personalised A5 Leather Anniversary Framed Time Print is the quirkiest way of celebrating your 3rd (or leather) wedding anniversary and features a circular design that shows exactly how many years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds you've been married for!

4th Anniversary - Fruit or Flowers

The fourth anniversary is for fruit and flowers - sweet and sentimental! Let your partner know you love them a bunch with this Personalised 24 Red Roses Bouquet! Each bouquet of 24 stunning red roses and white Gypsophila is made to order and wrapped in a luxurious flower wrapping.

All you have to do is personalise it with a message on a satin ribbon and one on a gift card to create a truly personal gift and we'll deliver this stunning gift to your door!

5th Anniversary - Wood

They say when you fall in love, it's like finding the missing part of yourself! And the romantic couple wooden jigsaw keyrings are just meant to be together, like you and your partner! These two wooden keyrings fit perfectly together and each one can be personalised with the couple's initials, both reading 'you complete me’.

6th Anniversary - Candy or Iron

What better way to celebrate the Candy anniversary than their very own sweetie box! Our Personalised Love Photo Sweet Box! Jam packed full of their favourite sweet treats - Juicy Lips, Love Hearts, Prosecco Bon Bons, Shrimps, Triple Hearts and Heart Mallows - they'll love munching their way through this box of deliciousness

And as if this sweet-filled box wasn't quite enough, it even features a picture of your choice per letter on the lid, along with the name of the lucky couple.

7th Anniversary - Wool or Copper

The seventh year is copper or wool, materials both related to warmth and the fuzzy feeling your partner gives you when you see them. Celebrate with this stunning copper gardening set makes light work of gardening tasks, has solid ash handles which are curved for comfort, and features high quality copper-plated garden steel.

Copper has been used and loved for years by gardeners given its ability to improve soil and the trowel has been marked in centimetres and inches, which makes planting at the right depth super easy!

10th Anniversary - Tin or Aluminum

The big 1-0. You've made it to double digits - congratulations! 10 years of marriage is definitely worth celebrating and if you want to keep it traditional, then you'll need something made of tin!

11th Anniversary - Steel

This contemporary brushed stainless steel cooler has double walled insulation for effective cooling, and can hold most standard sized wine and champagne bottles - a perfect gift for an 11th anniversary celebration!

Best of all, you can personalise your wine cooler with a number and three lines of characters - ideal for when you need a cool, stylish gift to give the wine loving connoisseur in your life.

12th Anniversary - Silk or Linen

The 12th year is Silk and here's the perfect gift for it! This bottle of personalised whisky in its very own gift box will go down an absolute treat. Inside the beautiful gift box, you'll find a 70 cl bottle of our finest Scotch Single Malt Whisky. It comes with its own professionally designed label personalised with a name, date and either a birthday or Christmas greeting.

We chose this wonderful single Speyside Malt for its clear, natural colour and unique flavour. We also chose this deluxe Silk-lined gift box as the perfect way to present it.

15th Anniversary - Crystal

The traditional theme for the 15th year anniversary is Crystal, but a more modern theme is watches. This gorgeous modern-vintage watch by Elie Beaumont is a gift they'll love for years to come. With a square face and rose gold details, it'll certainly make a statement!

You can even personalise the reverse of the watch for a unique touch, with up to 4 lines, and this stunning watch is presented beautifully in an Elie Beaumont gift box with a leather watch protector.

20th Anniversary - China

Twenty years to the day. Where the happy couple stood and proclaimed their love for one another. While China is the typical theme for two decades of marriage, we thought we’d get a bit musical with this Personalised First Dance Lyrics Print - dance the night away just like you did 20 years ago!

All that is required to create this stunning A3 wall piece is the song title and artist for the lyrics that you wish to be displayed on the print.

25th Anniversary - Silver

25 years of marriage, a quarter of a century - if that's not something to celebrate, we don't know what is! Why not celebrate the Silver year with a key to your heart with this pair of silver plated Heart Keyrings?

Featuring yours and your partner's name or messages of choice, take a little piece of their heart with you wherever you go, and give them a little of yours.

30th Anniversary - Pearl

The pearl wedding anniversary is a huge milestone for any couple. That's 30 whole journeys around the Sun! Let's take a moment to truly take that in.

There's nothing quite like a beautiful pearl charm bracelet dangling elegantly from your wrist, reminding you of magical memories and special dates, no matter where you are. This gorgeous pearl charm bracelet brings all of that beauty and wonderful memories together in one.

40th Anniversary - Ruby

To mark an occasion as momentous as a Ruby Wedding Anniversary, you need to pull out all the stops. A ruby wedding is not only something to be celebrated but remembered too! This beautiful crystal keepsake is a great gift to give the happy couple on reaching that momentous milestone and something they can keep forever!

The crystal block features a large ruby red heart in a damask pattern style, perfectly fitting for a ruby anniversary! You can add any message over 4 lines, with 25 characters available on each line. The first two lines appear in a bold font, making it perfect to add the couples names, the special date or a message of love to your partner! They will adore displaying their crystal token in the home for all to see!

50th Anniversary - Gold

A golden wedding anniversary is a big milestone and as such deserves an extra special gift. This stunning golden anniversary clock makes a great gift to give on a 50 year wedding anniversary!

The beautiful crystal block holds a small clock inside and is personalised just for the couple! Add the names of up to 20 characters and a date of up to 20 characters, which is shown underneath the clock and golden heart motif. It also features the words '50 years together' in large font. The minimal yet elegant design of the clock makes it ideal for half a century together!